Personal Project - 'Relief from Anxiety Attacks - The Checklist' 


Brand Identity + Editorial  


The Relief from Anxiety Attacks - The Checklist is designed to help people who suffer from anxiety attacks get immediate relief - naturally. This Checklist is not guaranteed to help everyone, but it has helped me in the past, so I thought I should share my knowledge. 


I wanted to create a checklist that was efficient to read and pleasing to look at. That required symbolic illustrations were people can refer to as quickly as they can during a anxiety attack. While making sure the physical narrow poster itself was aesthetically pleasing to hang and display around in their environment, without it looking like a traditional 'checklist'. While I also produced a informative booklet for people to read about each element, and other assets such as the magnets and tote bags as extra merchandise. 


My involvement:

I've created this entire project alone.