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Heinz + Woolworths AU

Shopper Marketing 

Heinz has introduced a new product that is sure to revolutionize the frozen food aisle in Woolworths - Frozen Vegetable Bites. 
To make enhance the launch, we came up with a offer - a chance to win a coveted Airfryer with every purchase of Frozen Vegetable Bites.
This incentive is sure to drive sales and create a buzz around the new product.


To support the launch and increase visibility, Heinz needed a Key Visual that can be used across all of the Point of Sale assets in the supermarket. The Key Visual needed to be eye-catching and convey the freshness and packaging aesthetic of the product while also highlighting the Airfryer prize.

With this new product and incentive, Heinz is set to capture the attention of health-conscious consumers and become a staple in their freezer.

Credit: Additional Traffik designers that helped out with the conceptual ideas. 


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