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Ocean Vege - Roasted Seaweed (Passion Project)

Brand Identity + Packaging

Roasted Seaweed is a groundbreaking new snack product specifically designed for eco-conscious consumers. The packaging of this unique snack is made from environmentally friendly materials, with a main profile crafted from lightweight and recyclable aluminium
and the printed sleeves created from recycled paper.

This innovative packaging not only ensures that the product is kind to the planet but also maintains the high quality of the product inside. The Roasted Seaweed snack is aimed at the discerning 'imaginary snacker market,' where sustainability and quality are of utmost importance.

This product is sure to make a significant impact in the market, as more and more consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and seeking out sustainable snack options. With its innovative packaging and high-quality taste, Roasted Seaweed is poised to become a leading product in the snacking industry.


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