Personal Project: Ocean Vege - Roasted Seaweed


Brand Identity + Packaging


Roasted Seaweed is a product I've created for the 'imaginary market'. Being a huge seaweed snacker I've noticed there wasn't any contemporary seaweed packaging around (during early 2020). Hence why I decided to make a product that would encompass a distinctive aesthetic.


I wanted to create Eco Friendly packaging, with recycled aluminum for the main packaging form, while the print sleeve itself is made from recycled paper. I've aimed to transform the traditional 'rectangular tin' by developing the lid form by sculpting a semi circle lid hence making it more ergonomic to grip on to and remove from the base. While the graphics itself needed to be clean and simplistic, and legible. So I've created structured linear lines to divide each section of the graphic elements in order for each segment to belong to it's own family of content.

My involvement:

I've created the entire project from scratch while I did get some help/feedback from Barbara Peynot for the lighting/rendering features as this was my first time using Vray.