Deenisha Bhikha

Dee is a Digital Graphic Designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. She specialises in Brand Identity, Marketing Design, Editorial Design, Illustration & Experiential Design.

She gained a Diploma in Graphic Design from Media Design School in 2010 and a Bachelors from Auckland University of Technology in 2013.

She's been in the creative industry for around 4.5 years and is always looking to grow her skills and network in New Zealand and abroad.​

She's recently returned from her OE in London while maintaining her freelance responsibility for the organisation 'SheSays London', as their Lead Designer.


Dee is passionate about helping the design community thrive, especially with the world's current circumstances. 

Best contacted via email :)


Brands I've worked on


Spark NZ



Foodstuffs NZ


Nib NZ 

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