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Brand Identity + Experiential Design
+ Sponsorship

Spark, a leading telecommunications company in New Zealand, was tasked with deploying their 5G network, and enlisted the expertise of our agency and Shine to design and build an immersive lab environment. As part of the team, I was responsible for the Way Finding and Print collateral work, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience within the lab.

The main theme of the lab was futuristic neon lights, which created an exciting and dynamic atmosphere. Additionally, we collaborated with a talented freelance spatial designer to create a physical layout that complemented the interactive space. The end result was a cutting-edge lab environment that allowed visitors to explore and interact with the latest 5G technology.

By showcasing the capabilities of Spark's 5G network in an engaging and immersive environment, we were able to effectively communicate the company's commitment to innovation and technological advancement.


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